A garden is something which can be enjoyed in all seasons when you've created a relaxing and comfortable outdoor seating area. If you are looking for furniture which provides ultimate relaxation with great style, a synthetic rattan set is a great option.

Some of the most comfortable and versatile rattan garden furniture sets come with swivel seats, and here we take a look at how they can help you create a relaxing outdoor area.

Swivel furniture

Technology is increasing at a great rate in the world of outdoor furniture, with designers aiming to create long-lasting, fashionable and versatile seating solutions.The Maze six seat swivel dining set is a great option for a spacious patio area, as it ideal for seating a number of people. Perfect for a casual meal in the garden or a relaxing outdoor barbecue, the swivel seats allow people to enjoy the whole garden effortlessly. If you have a smaller space, there are a number of swivel patio sets, available with both two and four chairs.

  Maze Rattan - Swivel 6 Seat Dining set Brown
Arranging your furniture

To achieve a relaxing outdoor area, the way your arrange your garden furniture is important. The main tip we have is to not clutter your patio area - let the beautiful furniture make a statement and
save plants and decorative items for other areas of the space. A clean and simple finish will help the dining area feel more inviting and relaxing.

  Maze Rattan - Swivel 2 Seat Lounge Brown Set
Fashionable designs

This year, we have seen many of the latest garden furniture sets designed to look great both indoors and outdoors. The swivel furniture sets would look perfect in a conservatory, sun room or a patio. As more homes look to bring the outdoors in with bi-folding doors and large expanses of glass, we think these rattan sets will be on trend for many years to come. If you are looking for a versatile option, the swivel sets can provide a very relaxing indoor dining experience.

  Maze Rattan - Swivel 4 seat Dining set
Unique style

When aiming to create a unique look, why not add some acrylic cushions to the swivel chairs? Whether you opt for bright colours or bold patterns, it is sure to give your garden area a welcoming feel. Although rattan is designed to be very comfortable, a great cushion will help create a cozy and relaxing feel.

Long-lasting quality

Synthetic rattan is a very popular option, as is natural looking and completely weather resistant and will stand up well to UV levels, showers and frost. The furniture is also manufactured with a high quality powder-coated aluminium frame, which means it will not rust or fade. If you are searching for something which requires minimum effort, rattan furniture is great, as it is very low maintenance - all it requires is a quick wipe down every now and again.


At the Rattan Furniture Fairy, we have a great range of rattan furniture, so get in touch with us today to see how we can help you create the perfect look for your garden.