Experience a new depth of relaxation with a Rattan garden sofa set

Picture for a moment, a fine, cool, summer's evening at the end of a long and active day. Now, as you relax in the sumptuous comfort of your Rattan sofa, you hear the faint clink of ice as cocktails are brought out to you and your guests - the Rattan range of garden furniture accommodates up to 10 people. Each of them is similarly enjoying the ease that comes from sitting or reclining on your Rattan garden sofa set, basking in the ultimate luxury of a Rattan rich garden lounge. 

Maze Rattan Valencia Deluxe Corner Garden Sofa Set | Rattan Furniture Fairy

   Designed with both comfort and appearance in mind

Rattan Furniture Fairy Garden Sofa Sets have been designed with comfort and relaxation primarily in mind, but nothing has been spared in the detail of their tasteful appearance. Whether you opt for the lavish contours of the <a

href="https://www.rattanfurniturefairy.co.uk/rattan-fairy-valencia-5-piece-deluxe-sofa-set-with-foootstools-and-coffee-table.html">Valencia five-piece deluxe corner sofa set with ottoman and coffee table,</a>

the <a href="https://www.rattanfurniturefairy.co.uk/rattan-fairy-cannes-4-piece-deluxe-sofa-set-with-lounge-chair-and-armchair.html">Cannes four-piece deluxe garden sofa set featuring a double seat sofa, a deep lounge chair and a large armchair,</a>

or the traditional <a href="https://www.rattanfurniturefairy.co.uk/maze-rattan-winchester-2-seat-sofa-set.html">Maze Rattan Winchester deluxe sofa set,</a> which features two arm chairs, a sofa and tempered glass top coffee table, you will be amazed at the way Rattan garden furniture blends in with its surroundings.

                                                Maze Rattan Barcelona corner group with a luxury inset ice bucket | Rattan Furniture Fairy


    Unfailing durability

Rattan garden furniture can cope with anything the occasional summer storm may throw at them. Rattan's designers use only the hardiest and durable synthetic outdoor wicker, a fibre made from resins to give the appearance of natural fibres. The frames are made of aluminium thereby rendering them rust proof and all cushions are showerproof and flame resistant with washable covers. Each item of Rattan outdoor furniture has been built to be completely weather and solar resistant to endure and maintain that good as new look.

Maze Rattan Kingston garden Sofa Dining set | Rattan Furniture Fairy


If you dream of owning and experiencing the best that life has to offer. So why not reward yourself with the happiness that comes from peaceful relaxation in your ideal setting. Whether it is a patio you want to furnish or a lawn garden, explore the Rattan range of Rattan Furniture Fairy Garden Sofa Sets today and grant yourself a more peaceful and joyous tomorrow.

Vicky Adams