Irrespective of their age love, we all love to get on a swing, but we rarely get the chance to do so. Hence, if you are eager to get such a feeling at the comfort of your house, then you should think of buying one such furniture that will fulfil your desire of swinging along with serving different purposes.However, buying a swing is neither the sole nor the best option. Rather, you should think of something that while providing you the comfort also proves to be useful. You will be able to use a swing only when you want to rest but if you opt for Malibu hanging chair, it will act as a more convenient option. Many companies offer such a deal in different types of materials but you should always opt for that particular piece which serves all your needs and also fits within your budget. Here is more on this interesting product.


Spilling the beans about the product
Malibu hanging chair, is an innovative, sturdy and long-lasting material. If you go for this set, you will get one frame with one basket. The frame consists of a base and a pole, which provides support to the basket, which comes with a cushion, large enough to comfort the person sitting.The furniture is available in three shades of brown to grey and it is very expedient to keep in any position as it takes up very little space. If you want to enjoy the view of your garden or the warmth of the sun, then you can do so by keeping this chair outside. Though this furniture is designed for the outdoors, you can also keep it on the balcony or indoors and increment the zenith of your space with due comfort.

  Malibu Hanging Chair

Special features

Several exciting features make this furniture a widely sought after one among the buyers:


  • Rattan-made i.e. resistant to all weather torments be it snow, shower or sunlight.
  • Hand-weaved over a powdered aluminium core which is extremely durable with no fear of rusting or fading.
  • Cushions which are soft and stylish and can be washed and cleaned whenever necessary.
  • Minimal maintenance; only a wipe off damp cloth is enough to keep the chair clean.
  • Warranty of five years on the superior quality of the Rattan used.
  • Affordable cost along with free delivery.
  Malibu Hanging Chair

The furniture appreciates the glamour quotient of the house apart from being functional. Not surprisingly, the outdoor Malibu Hanging Chair is the perfect fit for the purpose.While this classy yet contemporary piece holds the tendency to astonish your guests straightway, it ensures exceptional comfort as well. So, why not opt for it?