1)The Cantilever parasol: what you need to know?


To protect yourself from the sun during your moments of relaxation or during your lunches outside, put your garden furniture under a cantilever parasol, very trendy. Models with 360 ° rotation can be tilted and or crank depending on the position of the sun.

Bambrella Levante Cantilever Parasol 3m Square



2)What is a cantilever parasol?


Compared to standard parasols, the offset parasol offers optimum protection against UV rays. Also known as the "off-center feet", the cantilever sunshade offers a greater shade area.


It can perfectly be adjusted according to the position of the sun. The parasol is also composed of a recliner that can offer a shaded space up to more than 15 m².


In addition to its functional side, the cantilever sunshade is very design. You have the choice between a reclining or simple umbrella and a round, rectangle or square model. Available in different colors, the shaded sunshade adapts perfectly to the aesthetics of your garden furniture set, your table and your outdoor chairs.

 3)How to choose a sunshade?
Maze Rattan Banana Parasol


Before the purchase, it is necessary to take into account some criteria of choice according to:

The type of umbrella.

- The simple offset parasol effectively protects you against the sun's rays. He is easily recognizable by his offbeat foot.

- The 360 ° tilting and rotating offset umbrella protects you from UV rays at all hours of the day, as you can change its orientation as many times as necessary.


Of its form.
- The round parasol is designed for tight spaces, it is for example designed to shade a small round table.

- The square parasol is suitable for the terrace, above an oval, square or rectangular table and along the wall. These types of umbrella adapt to large and small spaces.


Of its dimension.
The umbrella must cover enough space to prevent sunburn. The choice also depends on the use and the installation space: if you have a balcony or a large terrace for example.


Of his material.
- The foot of the parasol should ideally be made of granite, concrete or metal to withstand the wind. Opt for a sunshade with a polyester or acrylic fabric that combines lightness and robustness.

Harmony with other items of garden furniture should be taken into account when making a decision to purchase a sunshade.