8 garden trends to follow in 202


For few summers now, the indoor has blurred its boundaries with the outdoors, in 2021, it is no longer just the look of a sofa that would be suitable both outdoors and indoors but of the whole range. usual decor that wants to migrate to the sun ... Indoor or outdoor, the ambition is the same: to evolve in a beautiful and comfortable setting. Thus the garden as the terrace take more and more the aspect of room of life skillfully staged. As in a living room, nothing is forgotten: sofa, coffee table, end of sofa,rising table, fire pit, carpet, pendant light ... The outdoor space can be accessorized with rigor and a sense of detail. This trend can also be seen in the number of indoor brands that are increasingly launching garden furniture inspired by their home collections



In 2021, there will not be just one color that will triumph in the garden but several very soft shades. A string of pastel will surge in our outdoor area. Terrace, garden and balcony will thus display rooms of exemplary softness. Trendy shades such as iced mint will prevail on the dining table which could, for example, be accompanied by mismatched beige, sky blue or pink chairs ... Same story for the planters which also cover these shades all in lightness, able to blend in with the greenery.


Maze Rattan Ascot 3 Seat Casual Sofa Dining With Rising Table and Bench


In 2021, the In 2021, the outdo outdoor area is thinking big. He is no longer satisfied with a simple garden furniture on the terrace or a few deckchairs under a tree. More and more outdoor landscaping brands are imagining very complete outdoor spaces with different activity areas. Arbor, pergola or trellis thus serve to structure outdoor living spaces. When terrace flooring and decorative accessories reinforce the creation of these spaces. These can take the appearance of a low living room, a dining-type living room, an outdoor kitchen but also a play area reserved for children or a pétanque area for adults. A sort of second home is being set up and there is no doubt that it will appeal to all the family and friends!




In the garden, there are those who prefer to return to the wild life version into the wild and then those who like to accessorize their outdoor space with the same rigor as their living room. They will appreciate the efforts made by brands and designers in 2020. Like the living room, the terrace is equipped with mirrors to decorate its walls, sideboards to serve as reinforcement on the table side, portable lamps to gain light at night, platters to easily serve outdoors ... The garden copies the house in every detail, this is the watchword for the beautiful 2021 season!