Do your friends love sharing stories sitting in your garden? If yes, then you should definitely think of ways to make this experience all the more comforting and entertaining for you all. And what can make you feel at home other than a snug sofa set! So, without wasting much time, search for such types of sofas which will be there to support your get-togethers whether the weather is sunny or rainy. Many materials come handy for making patio furniture sets like teak, mahogany, aluminium, wicker, bamboo etc., but rattan is by any means the best bet for this purpose.

About the material

A special type of palm tree, Rattan is quite different from its own family and can be given any look. When cut into small pieces, it appears like wood and can be used for making furniture. Moreover, the strands of rattan can also be separated and bind together to give wicker like feel. This material absorbs paints easily and thus can be given any shade in accordance with the design’s demand.

Thus, opting for a rattan garden sofa set isn’t a bad idea rather it is a wise investment.

  Rattan Garden Sofa Sets
Types of Sofas

A wide varieties of sofa sets are available to accommodate a different number of people and you can choose any one according to your need. For instance, if you want to keep your friends waiting a bit before the last touches over dining table, a Winchester Round High Back sofa in maze rattan will be a great idea. The high back with the comfortable foam provides the right warmth to weave stories and loosen up a bit. A coffee table, two chairs, and a sofa complete the set and it is quite good for four people. 


If you love the maze rattan pattern and the pleasure of back cushions but want to up the relax game, then Winchester Reclining Sofa Set is your bet which comes with four items like the previous set but costs more. However, if your group consists of more people, then you can opt for Georgia 3 seat sofa set which consists of a three-seater sofa, two chairs, one foot-stool and one coffee table with inbuilt ice bucket. You can enjoy both hot coffee and chilled drinks with your friends easily. 

  Patio and Rattan Garden Sofa Sets


These sets have striking features, for example, the powder-coated aluminium core acts as the frame on which the rattans are weaved. The base is sturdy and can withstand all fickleness of weather. The covers of the cushions are removable and washable. These patio furniture sets come with a warranty of five years, hence, go for the deal!

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