Garden Dining Sets

Rattan Furniture Fairy Garden Dining Sets have been designed with the importance of carefree dining at their very core. Our garden dining sets offer the very latest designs, that will complement any outdoor living space. The garden and patio area of any home is now an extension of the indoor living space, and should always truly reflect your personality and preferred style. We all need to enjoy our outdoor areas, no matter what time of year, and rattan garden furniture allows you to do just that. 

Maze Rattan Oxford 6 Seat Round Dining Set With Ice Bucket and Lazy Susan

Rattan Dining Sets

We sell a variety of rattan dining sets that include flat and round weave designs, depending upon your individual preference. All of our rattan furniture is eye-catching, incredibly tactile, and most importantly, practical. We also sell dining sets that are comprised of mixed rattan colours, that are particularly stunning and add that wow factor when entertaining guests. 

 A size and shape to suit any outdoor space

Many individuals worry that they can't have a beautiful garden dining set because of limited outdoor space, but this is simply not true. We sell a range of tables in all shapes and sizes. Our rattan dining sets include oval, round and square dining tables that can seat up to 8 people. Our 4 seat square dining set is perfect for small patio dining. We also sell cube sets that really do make the absolute most of any limited outdoor space that you do have.


Maze Rattan Figari 4 Seat Round Dining Set With Parasole Hole And 4 Figari Chairs

 Flexible garden dining sets

The real beauty of being able to choose exquisite rattan garden dining furniture is that this furniture is incredibly flexible and can work to suit your lifestyle needs. We sell Garden Sofa Dining sets that offer the comfort of outdoor living, coupled with a luxurious outdoor dining experience. This furniture is ideal for relaxing with a glass of wine, or for entertaining a house full of guests. Our range of accompanying chairs also offer comfort and style, such as the ice bucket chair and Lazy Susan.

   Safe and easy to use

All of our garden dining furniture is safe to use at all times of year. Each and every dining table is made from secured and tempered glass that is 8mm thick. This makes our dining sets suitable for use with small children. We only provide fire retardant cushions, and all materials are showerproof and colour fast. Our dining sets really are maintenance free with their removable washable covers, making outdoor dining completely stress free.

To gain more inspiration and to find your perfect garden furniture set, then please do browse the Rattan Furniture Fairy website, or give us a call today. We have a wide range of dining furniture, including Maze Rattan, La Range, Tuscany and Winchester. All of our Rattan Garden Dining sets come with a five year guarantee.

 Maze Rattan LA 2 Seater Round Bistro Sets


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