Introducing the Maze Rattan 6 seat rectangular garden dining Tuscany and LA sets

More than just a place to sit, the Maze Rattan Tuscany LA 6 seat rectangular garden dining set is the perfect addition to any garden - with those subtle design touches that let you know that this is much more than a garden furniture set that you'll use once in a blue moon. Why should you choose this Rattan Furniture Fairy set to complete your garden? Here are just a few reasons:


Maze Rattan Tuscany La 6 Seat Rectangular Garden Dining Set

Sturdy, Rattan design


The LA Tuscany and LA rattan dining sets are far more than flimsy furniture that you pull out for parties. Designed to last and create a focal point on your patio long-term, the design of these furniture sets are equal parts style and sturdiness, ensuring that no matter what the weather your dining set can withstand the elements. Weatherproof, removable covers and flame retardant design features mean these sets are able to match up to any conditions you throw at them - remaining pristine and ready for use in the warmer months.


Maze Rattan Tuscany La 6 Seat Rattan Dining Chair

   Handy features

Feeling the heat? A parasol hole ensures that you can stay in the shade and enjoy your garden in peace even during the hottest months of the year, or even withstand a little light summer rain on the patio. Aluminium toe caps ensure the rectangle dining table and 6 Tuscany LA chairs stay in place without damaging your patio, and an overall spill-safe and strong design make this table suitable even for the youngest members of the family, with all soft materials washable to ensure that stains are never going to sully your set.


Maze Rattan Tuscany LA 6 Seat rectangle Garden Dining Set

   Timeless design

As with any furniture you want to keep for a long time, these dining table garden sets are built with both the sturdiness to last and the timeless style to ensure your decor is always on point. Both the mixed rattan colour of the Maze Rattan LA 6 Seat rectangular garden furniture set and the natural coloured weave of the Tuscany LA 6 seat rectangular garden dining series is perfectly designed to evoke a feeling of natural calm and to match the nature and style of your garden perfectly. Whether you're a fan of leafy greens or love vibrant borders of flowers, or even if your garden is a more modern space, the timeless style of these sets ensures they will fit in beautifully.

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