Outdoor Furniture in synthetic rattan visually recalling rattan, woven resin furniture has been investing our terraces and gardens for a few years now. Thanks to a very neat aesthetic, borrowing as much from the classic style of rattan, as a more contemporary design, the braided resin is now slipping into our interiors.


What are the main characteristics of the synthetic wicker? How to maintain it? What range of synthetic rattan furniture for your interior and exterior? So many questions to which we bring you some clarifications.


 Maze Rattan Oxford Garden Sofa Dining Set With Adjustable Table And ice bucket


 What is braided resin?

Braided resin is now widely used in the furniture sector. It is a synthetic fiber, mounted on a metal structure. We will see later that this definition actually covers furniture with qualities and variable durability.


The braided resin recalls the appearance of rattan, which is why it is also known as "poly rattan" or "synthetic rattan". The polyethylene fibers used to make braided resin furniture are not natural like rattan, but they still have the great advantage of being recyclable. Another great advantage of the braided resin is an unalterable synthetic material that withstands moisture and UV very well, unlike rattan. These synthetic fibers are braided on metal structures. To be durable, maintain their original appearance and avoid any risk of corrosion, these structures must be made of reinforced aluminum. The quality of the aluminum used and sufficient sampling are essential to guarantee a good durability to your braided resin furniture. Rattanfurniturefairy.co.uk has chosen to offer only high-end furniture.

Maze Rattan Casbah Outdoor Daybed


The rattan furniture manufacturing process provides flexibility, strength and excellent moisture resistance. This is why braided resin is preferred for garden , patio and veranda furniture. The braided resin will support perfectly the constraints of the marine climate or the chlorinated waters of your swimming pool.

Rattan Garden Furniture inside and outside

PE Rattan is a popular and widely used material in furniture, but its use outdoors poses some problems. The braided resin is rot-proof and is UV-resistant. This is why the "poly rattan" is naturally chosen for Garden Furniture or conservatory rooms. So that your synthetic rattan furniture retains all its qualities over time it is essential to make the choice of quality. The fibers must be treated to resist UV, dyed in the mass and mounted on reinforced aluminum structures to prevent any risk of corrosion, especially at the seaside. The furniture proposed by BFG Rattan Furniture meets these requirements.



 Maze Rattan Oxford Sofa Dining Set With Ice Bucket and Adjustable Table


The braided resin garden furniture will also fit perfectly into your home. This light furniture, easy to move, is comfortable. Great inventiveness and research in design offers very rich choices. Exotic or with a modern design, all styles and colors are offered thanks to the braided resin.


What design for your terrace?

We have seen the qualities that make the synthetic wicker furniture is preferred to furnish a terrace or a veranda. This material also offers great flexibility in the design and production of garden furniture Sets. The shapes, the choice of flat or round braided meshes and a wide range of colors allow us to offer you a variety of furniture, reminiscent of the natural charm of rattan or more contemporary inspiration. To compose your interior furnishing by bringing a personal and original touch, we advise you to associate the furniture in resin braided with wood or aluminum.


The maintenance of your Garden Furniture set in braided resin

As we have seen the braided resin or "poly-rattan" is a synthetic material. Its maintenance is simple and reduced, even for outdoor use. If during the winter your braided resin outdoor furniture is stored outside it is best to protect it from a cover to limit the spring cleaning. The cushions, stored in the rattan cushion storage box can be unshielded to facilitate their maintenance. The Dralon® fabric is machine washable.


Braided resin is a non-porous material that does not store dust or dirt. On sunny days, a simple sponge wash with warm, soapy water is enough to restore it to its original appearance. If you choose to use a high-pressure cleaner, be sure to limit the pressure. It is also not recommended to use abrasive materials and solvents. After rinsing your furniture, leave the resin


 Maze Rattan Oxford 6 Seat Round With Ice Bucket and Lazy Susan



dry in the sun. Our braided resin is treated against UV and tinted in the mass. This gives you the guarantee that your garden furniture will retain all its qualities, its solidity and its comfort, even after years of outdoor use.

The rattan Furniture Fairy Choice

Whether to create a garden room or furnish your veranda,BFG Rattan Furniture offers a complete range of braided resin furniture. Armchairs, outdoor sofas or garden chairs are associated with a large selection of coffee tables. In the section dedicated to the Sunbrella fabric range you will discover a wide choice of aluminum garden furniture Sets that will suit other needs. You have the opportunity to choose the braided resin with aluminum to have a set of chairs and garden table , corner sofa set , daybeds or aluminium sets with unparalled sunbrella fabrics.