Conservatory Furniture

The Choice of the right conservatory furniture must be taken with great care as any furnishing in your place. Cane is renowned for its refinement and comfort.

Originally Cane furniture is an indoor furniture made from rattan vines and complemented with comfortable cushions, and its natural look makes it perfect for use in sunrooms and conservatories. The Desser Cane is a natural product making it an eco-friendly, sustainable, material indoor furniture choice. The Cane is light therefore it can be moved easily, and will look gorgrous in your interior. This sturdy wicker will last for many years to come. Desser furniture UK allows you to pick individuals pieces if you have a small indoor space.

Desser offers differrent kind of cane wicker, you have the choice between close weave, the most popular and open weave , more commons for smaller conservatories. The Open weave give a feeling of more visible space. The cane furniture sets are protected by a lacquer that ensure that the cane keeps its natural light brown or white colour. Bear in mind that only few sets with lacquers offer additional colour options.Dont hesitate to contact us if you have a doubt ( Please check what's available for each set. Additionally, all our conservatory furniture cushions can be customised with a range of upholstery options to help you match your home decor

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