Rattan Hanging Chair

Garden Swing Seats:
If you are seeking rattan hanging chairs or Cocoons, then you may be interested in a Garden Swing Seat, and these amazing outdoor furniture have become more and more popular. You will enjoy the deep padded cushions which are shower resistant and flame retardant.

They are your private cosy nook , your haven to relax after a hard working day or during summer days. The gentle rocking motion they provide, will give you a feeling of comfort. The hanging chair can be, moreover, an element of decoration in the garden even when not in use. Garden Swings and Hanging Chairs can be placed outdoors or in your conservatory depending on your needs.

If you love chilling in the garden, then you may wish to extend your time outdoors by adding a gas patio heater or a fire pit, to create the ideal vibe.. You will love swinging on your hanging chair, in reading a book or under the stars.

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